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With Fenus we simplify the crypto investing experience and provide personalized investment strategies tailored to your individual unique goals and knowledge level. Removing jargon and creating a seamless user experience that you are already used to, allowing you to make informed decisions so you can enjoy your "peace of mind". Fun fact: the name Fenus is derived from ancient Latin and means "interest" or "profit on capital."

Fenus matches users with an investor profile based on their knowledge level and risk tolerance. By understanding your preferences, we can provide personalized investment bundles, helping you make informed decisions and grow your wealth confidently in the crypto market.

At the moment we offer a web-app that also works perfectly on your mobile. We will keep you updated when we will roll our app out.

To get started with Fenus, please follow the flow of "Start for free" and sign up very easily on our website by providing an email address or social login. After providing your credentials, Fenus will help you create your own Crypto Wallet so you are the sole owner of your data and funds. Complete the registration process in a couple of steps and we'll match you with an investor profile and provide tailored investment bundles for you to explore.

You are able at any time to change your investor profile within your account settings.

You can fund your wallet using a credit/debit card. Simply navigate to the "Fund Wallet" option in your account and follow the instructions to add funds.

You can fund your wallet using a credit/debit card. Simply navigate to the "Fund Wallet" option in your account and follow the instructions to add funds.

Fenus uses a decentralized wallet, which means your assets and information remain solely under your control. Fenus never stores any personal data or user funds on our platform. This approach not only empowers you as an investor but also significantly reduces the risk of your data being compromised.

You can transfer funds from your wallet to your bank account by clicking on the grey icon next to the "Fund Wallet" option in your account. Subsequently, please follow the instructions to transfer your funds.

Please contact us via email at Our dedicated team is available to help you with your inquiries.

If you are a new user, please create an account by clicking on “Start for free”. If you are an existing user, please open our platform by clicking on “Launch Fenus” and subsequently login. On the Dashboard page you will see investing bundles presented to you matched on your investor profile, with the possibility to view all investment bundles. On this page you can invest in your preferred investment bundle(s).

You can invest in multiple investment bundles, even in multiple at the same time. You can fill in the investment amounts for the respective preferred investment bundles and add them to your investment cart. Once you have filled in your investments, you can finalize these investments by opening up your investment cart and following the respective instructions after clicking on “Process investment”.

Fenus doesn’t work with a minimum investment amount required and hence you are able to invest with any investment amount you want. Please note that the fees charged are relatively higher in case your investment amount is lower.

Fenus charges 0.3% service fees per investment transaction, with no deposit or withdrawal fees. Next to the fees of Fenus, third-party fees are charged for executing your action on the blockchain. These fees vary based on this blockchain’s usage by everyone.

To withdraw funds, navigate to the respective investment within the “My Portfolio” section in your account and click on “Withdraw”. You can then select the amount you would like to withdraw from your investment. This amount will then appear again under “Available to invest” within your Fenus Wallet.

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